About Us

In the year 2020, a pioneering Rail consultancy company emerged, driven by two directors who have both been through Railway Rolling Stock apprenticeships and are now time served consultants. Our desire is to revolutionise the landscape of this vital industry. With unwavering determination, we formed our company, guided by a singular vision: To deliver a truly unique service that surpasses all expectations within the Rail sector.

Rail Reliability operate an Integrated management system ensuring that Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental standards are our priority. We are Certified by the British standards Institution (BSI) ISO 14001/45001/9001, Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) Certified and Achilles Link-up Certified.

Our Aim

Armed with deep expertise, innovative thinking, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our aim is to navigate the complex challenges that lie ahead, to empower our clients with customised solutions that transcend the ordinary. To ensure our aim is met, assessment of competency commences from the beginning of the recruitment process and is maintained throughout the working life of each worker.

Our team of seasoned professionals embraces the spirit of collaboration and foresight. We delve into the heart of each project, unlocking its untapped potential and forging a path towards success. Through our comprehensive approach, we supply turnkey solutions that encompass every facet of rail development, from inception to realisation, propelling our clients towards a future of growth and prosperity.

Our Focus

At the core of our consultancy’s existence lies an unwavering dedication to integrity, transparency, and professionalism. Every recommendation we make and every strategy we craft is grounded in these values, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and trust in our capabilities. Our passion and dedication started from hands on Directors, who cascaded the company’s ethos and vision throughout the organisation. We are very proud of what we represent. Coming highly recommended and  proven throughout the industry with outstanding testimonials.

Our Services

Our aim is to supply an outstanding engineering service to the following railway sectors:

Train Operating Companies (TOC’s). Who require the support on troubled fleets with day to day maintenance to ultimately regain Availability and Reliability.

Rolling stock Companies (ROSCO’s). Who require a maintenance package, Dilapidation or engineering support.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Who require support on Commissioning and Warranty.

Overhaul & Refurbishment Companies. Who require support on installation, Modifications and testing.


As we journey together through the bustling rail industry, we invite all visionaries, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to join us in shaping a future of innovative solutions and boundless possibilities. Together, let us forge a more Reliable path within the Rail industry, creating an excellent service that connects our passengers.

Welcome to Rail Reliability, where passion meets expertise, and where the extraordinary becomes reality.

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